Integration 101: how it works

What’s in it for you?

Integration facilitates the entire research process by giving us access to the right survey respondents

Online tool – no time wasted with installation

Dashboard accessible anywhere, at any time

Constantly monitors the flow of applicants



The basics

Our Mystery Applicant tool is a SAAS (Software as a Service) which integrates with a company’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

What these acronyms really mean is that the Mystery Applicant tool is available via the internet; therefore you do not have to go through a complicated installation process or worry about updates, as the online version will always be the latest available. Our users can access it anywhere and at any time from their browser window when they log into their Mystery Applicant account.

How it works

Mystery Applicant connects to the ATS. This connection enables our system to communicate with our users’ system and to reach the right respondents for our Mystery Applicant surveys. That way, you can be sure to collect feedback from relevant people.



Only seconds after applications are submitted, the ATS sends Mystery Applicant all the information it needs to invite candidates to give their feedback by completing a short survey. A second invite is sent to them at the end of the recruitment journey. This process is repeated for each application, whatever the outcome.

Candidate feedback is then put together, aggregated and instantly presented via a dynamic and fully filterable dashboard, thus enabling users to have an up to date overview of the candidate landscape at all times.


The benefits

Integrating our Mystery Applicant tool into your ATS enables us to monitor the flow of data that goes through your system. You can therefore learn more about the candidates you are surveying.


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