2014 -The Year of Analytics

So with 2014 well underway we already have all the usual predictions. Last year everyone wanted to talk about Big Data to the point everyone lost the real definition completely. Mobile will continue to feature highly in conversation until it just becomes normalized in such a way that everyone stops talking about other than as a ordinary comms vehicle like any any other.

This year is going to introduce new challenges as the markets continue to grow and both on the resourcing and talent management side, data is going to be play an increasingly important role.

We have long recognized this, of course, at Mystery Applicant. Data is our driver and our analytics ensure that senior execs responsible for the performance monitoring and effectiveness in their organization can take control over the outcomes of their strategy implementation.

Over the coming weeks and months we will  continue to launch new tools that enable organizations to not only manage their candidate experience data and feedback but track and evolve these analytics through to onboarding, post-hire and beyond. The utilization of our powerful dashboard technology will centralize previously disparate data alongside Hiring Manager feedback enabling senior execs to take control of their talent metrics.

More to come in future articles as we review the platform upgrades from last year and what benefits they deliver to our clients and looking ahead to the releases – including a new Recruiter Platform for agencies and consultancies – in the coming weeks.

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