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How Candidate Experience Can Measure Brand Impact

Photo by on UnsplashThis is the second blog in the series I’m writing in association with Mystery Applicant on candidate experience measurement. You can find the first blog here. Despite many recent attempts to simplify it, employer branding is becoming a complex topic which requires an increasingly sophisticated analytical approach. There are two key themes that are driving this complexity.Firstly in our information rich age, the traditional idea of a single unifying employer brand no longer resonates with potential candidates. This is a particular problem for larger organisations that now need to effectively communicate the ... continue reading

Candidate Experience – why presume, when you could just ask?

A guest post from Steve Othen Head of Strategic Projects at The REC.    Photo by Hunters Race on UnsplashA lot has been written, including by me, about how important it is to measure candidate experience. So I thought I change it up and focus on the how.The candidate strikes back is a recent report published by REC as part of our Good Recruitment Campaign. This campaign is a free resource we have developed to help in-house recruitment and HR teams enhance their hiring process through best practice and shared learning.This particular report has a subtitle of ... continue reading

4 Reasons Why Employers Should Measure Their Candidate Experience

Photo by Jennifer Burk on UnsplashA recent Linkedin survey of 20k professionals, who had recently applied for a job, found that 92.5% expected to hear something back from the company they had applied to even if it was just a rejection. In reality only 34% heard anything back at all. Similar research findings are frequently reported with all the evidence pointing to a worsening of the Candidate Experience.On the face of it this seems strange considering the huge amount of discussion and conference time dedicated to promoting the benefits of having a good candidate experience. In ... continue reading

What does Candidate Experience really mean?

Picture the scene. It is  another conference/seminar/round table/unconference where a bunch of recruiters are sat around debating the latest topics of the day. The subject of candidate experience comes up and generally everyone nods appreciably that this is an important topic. But what do they really mean by this? Photo by Trent Erwin on UnsplashWe often talk about things amongst ourselves within the HR and recruiting community without always challenging the accepted definitions. Candidate Experience is one of those. It is often featured as one of the top 1, 2 or 3 things on the agenda for ... continue reading

Defining the Role of Candidate Experience Measurement

The continuing change, evolution and approach towards analytics technology, social interaction and the global economy have significantly changed the face of recruitment over the last ten years. The current recruiting climate reflects this through high candidate volumes, critical skills shortages, increased social media interaction, time constraints and limited resources. Alongside this, a lack of real-time metrics and tools that offer instant evaluation, accurate measurements and an easy way to manage increasing applications, exacerbate challenges and impede the ability to detect areas for improvement.However, measuring the candidate experience offers a pro-active solution towards these challenges. Effective measurement can help improve:Talent AttractionAs ... continue reading

In Their Shoes

Photo by Meg Kannan on UnsplashEveryone is a customer at some point so we all know how it feels to be treated very well or very badly. A great experience leads to a strong feel good factor and generally repeat business. Obviously a bad experience is the opposite and if you are making a stand about dissatisfaction then you really want the business to put itself in your shoes. Companies invest heavily in their consumer experience and customer satisfaction is high on the agenda for any business plan, as Oracle recently identified. After all ‘success breeds ... continue reading

How Good Is Your Candidate Karma?

Photo by Deniz Altindas on UnsplashAs the old saying goes, ‘what goes around, comes around’. The belief that bad actions would, at some point in the future, return to plague the wrongdoer. For years this was perhaps a ‘just desserts’ concept and after all, what was the real likelihood of anything bad actually coming back?Fast forward to today and factor in job seekers and social media and it’s a very different story. There are now plenty of platforms that make it very fast, very public and very easy for disgruntled candidates to have their voice heard. ... continue reading

Webinar Slides: 5 Actions to Improve your Candidate Experience

Last week, resourcing expert and futurologist Matt Alder and the former global head of resourcing at Unilever, Paul Maxin joined us to share their insights into what makes an exceptional candidate experience and how to measure it. The webinar was an opportunity for HR professionals to explore the world of candidate experience and learn how to manage and measure it effectively.The webinar covered:>    5 actions to help you build a winning candidate experience.>    How to use talent analytics to drive your recruitment strategy forward.>    How to manage candidate expectations?>    The benefits of providing exceptional candidate care.For those of you who ... continue reading

Top Ten Tips For Measuring Your Candidate Experience

Back at the start of the year we blogged about the controversial decision made by the RAD awards not to shortlist, or appoint a winner, to their 2013 Candidate Experience Award due to the quality of the entrants. This year the category has been re-released under the title ‘Candidate Engagement’. Whilst the award’s continued measurement of the candidate experience is a positive sign, it will be interesting to see how candidate engagement is currently being measured by companies, just what the metrics for success are and whether the judging criteria really does reflect how candidate’s experience a recruitment process.Contemplating this, ... continue reading

Graduate recruiters: Are you ready to know what your graduates really think?

“By its very nature, the graduate audience and the context in which you seek to attract them is ever shifting. You are attempting to engage with a population that are far from homogenous, whose behaviours and views change from one target group to another and from year to year, or even month to month.”Best Practice in Graduate Recruitment Marketing, AGR With lengthy attraction stages, long application processes and the continual shift in behaviour and opinion, the graduate market is a very unique, and at times difficult, market to successfully target and recruit from. This is a market that requires a specifically ... continue reading