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Candidate Experience – why presume, when you could just ask?

A guest post from Steve Othen Head of Strategic Projects at The REC.     [caption id="attachment_2926" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash[/caption] A lot has been written, including by me, about how important it is to measure candidate experience. So I thought I change it up and focus on the how. The candidate strikes back is a recent report published by REC as part of our Good Recruitment Campaign. This campaign is a free resource we have developed to help in-house recruitment and HR teams enhance their hiring process through best practice and shared learning. This particular report has a subtitle of ... continue reading

Candidates are customers too… How do you treat yours?

The candidate experience is the chameleon of the business world – whether you notice it or not, it is influential in every aspect of a company’s performance and growth. To ignore it is to disregard an essential building block in an organisation’s growth. Recent data shows that 49% of candidates have some relationship with a company prior to applying and 1 in 5 of these will be an existing consumer - emphasising that the candidate experience impacts more than simply the recruiting process. 25% of candidates also state that they have changed their status as a consumer as a result of their ... continue reading

Candidate experience: The good, the bad and the unsuccessful

“Why should I care about the views of unsuccessful candidates? I spend long enough processing the ones we hire to worry about those we don’t.” This is something a lot of recruiters generally don’t say out loud but often think as the workload increases. Organisations frequently only gather feedback on the recruitment process from successful candidates because of the perceived challenge associated with gathering feedback from all applicants including rejected ones - in one recent instance that meant ignoring the views of 98% of their candidates. These are fairly weighty numbers to ignore. We can’t help feeling that they are missing ... continue reading

Candidate Experience selected as key priority for recruiters at Innovation Summit

The Recruiting Innovation Summit, held in San Francisco earlier this month, offered recruiters the chance to learn about and discuss what innovations will be driving the recruitment industry forward over the next twelve months. Throughout the Summit various recruiters and forward-thinking innovators shared their experiences through case studies, presentations, panel discussions and elevator pitches. Attendees were also asked to draw on their expertise during a crowd-sourcing discussion on the second day when they were asked: Where do you think there is the greatest need for innovation within recruiting? From a list of forty-eight topics the top two selected were:       ... continue reading

The Candidate Experience: A consumer dilemma…

Think back to the most important item you ever bought. Whether it was a house, a car, an engagement ring or a much sought-after collectible, I’m sure you did your research - consulted reviews, comparison sites, friends, relatives and maybe even the experts. Every buy is an important investment, and we all like to know we've got the most for our money and that we’re getting exactly ‘what it said on the box’. Now think about some of the most important decisions you've ever made. How did you go about deciding the best path to take…? _______________________________________ According to a recent study on candidate behaviour by CareerBuilder, ... continue reading

Employee Engagement: What makes a company desirable to work for?

Employee engagement is essential in the workplace as it not only ensures the happiness of employees but has also been proven to increase productivity by 69% and decrease turnover by 14.9%. Its impact upon employee happiness contributes to a company’s success with recent research confirming that happy employees are: Twice as productive. Will stay five times as long in their jobs. Are six times more energized. Take 10 times less sick leave. Worryingly though, the positive influence of employee engagement isn’t being felt in many businesses with a survey reporting that only 29% of employees are fully engaged, with 26% disengaged. However, a recent study ... continue reading

Could your Recruitment Strategy be Damaging your Consumer Brand?

“We all know the power of negative word of mouth on image and reputation and what may have started out as an opportunity to communicate a strong employer brand may actually end up damaging it.” Brett Minchington, Employer Brand International A recent StartWire survey of 2000+ job seekers asked how a company’s application process affected their view of the brand. Their results confirm the impact that an inefficient, time-consuming process has upon the candidate’s opinion as a consumer: 77% said they think less of companies that don’t respond to job applicants 72% would be deterred from recommending or speaking positively online about the company 58% said they’d even think ... continue reading

The Candidate Experience: Are Companies Listening? [Infographic]

As a recruiter, understanding your candidate experience is essential. As a company it is vital. Not only will a bad candidate experience make you lose out on the top talent in your field, it will also affect your sales, brand and performance as a whole. One Mystery Applicant survey found that a mere 19% of candidates surveyed were more likely to buy from or use the services of the company they had most recently applied to. And when you consider that 38% of our surveyed applicants stated they were less likely to buy from or use the company's products or services after their ... continue reading

From a Graduate’s Perspective: What defines a great candidate experience?

A recent Mystery Applicant study gathered a small group of Bath Spa graduates, from the past two years, to try and gain an insight into how graduates are experiencing the current job market; what, for them, defines a great candidate experience? How do they feel they are currently treated? And where is there room for improvement... With the ‘Class of 2012’ graduating over the last few months, these essential questions are once again the foundation of creating an excellent candidate experience. According to a study carried out by High Flier’s Research, a fifth of employers have found that graduate applications have ... continue reading

Candidate Experience – Why embracing your unsuccessful candidates could improve company performance…

Consider these two extracts from emails sent to ‘Clear Channel Communications’ Chief Talent Scout, Morgan Hoogvelt...  “...I've been doing this for a while and I've never worked with anyone in an HR capacity who took the time to inform, support and strategize with a candidate the way that you guys did with me. It’s obvious that you all care about the candidate as much as the company you work for, and that’s very rare. I really appreciated all the time you took with me to help me try and succeed.”  “...I can’t begin to tell you how great the experience I have ... continue reading