The Candidate Survey Interface

We’re writing a series of articles to add to our resources section that explain more about  Mystery Applicant. The first one of these looks at the survey interface.

The Mystery Applicant candidate feedback interface is where applicants give their feedback on their application experience. Traditional online survey tools require considerable time and effort in manipulating and refining the questions as well as thinking how the data is going to be used and analysed. We’ve taken this hard work away from our clients by designing questions that have gone through many stages of refinement and creating a user experience that achieves the following:

Candidate Feedback Interface
  • High completion rates
  • Ease of use and accessibility
  • Mobile version to work on all platforms
  • Clear, concise and relevant questions to a broad and wide audience

All completed feedback is directly channeled into the client dashboard who can monitor and analyse the results from thousands of candidates. The questions elicit feedback on experience KPIs, perceptions, EVP alignment and motivations. The standardization of these questions is critical for future benchmarking and historic analysis which required many iterations and testing before the final execution and development. Another factor we have taken into account was the broad audience as we measure the candidate experience in all job families at all levels.

Another very important part of the user experience is to provide people with an experience they are familiar and comfortable with. We live in a feedback society where we are frequently asked to give feedback on purchases we have made or services we have used. This concept and simple to use scaling is designed to encourage high participation rates and provide a good user experience to candidates providing their feedback.