Beware of the whispering campaign

A recent survey we conducted showed that a large majority of candidates share their experience as a candidate with their friends and family (83%); 64% also added they used social media to spread the word about their experience, using Facebook (24%), Twitter (20%), LinkedIn (17%), or their blog (3%).

Up to 86% of candidates who had a “good” or “excellent” experience are also more likely to recommend friends, family and colleagues to apply to the same company, whilst 78% of respondents who had a “poor” or “very poor” experience asserted they would definitely advise people around them against applying to the company that mistreated them.

With four out of ten candidates sharing their good experience on Facebook and more than six hundred million users registered on Facebook, feedback about a company’s recruitment process can spread very quickly!

This raises a few issues, which mainly revolve around the fact that information circulating over the internet in general and social media in particular is hard to contain. It is difficult to predict how much impact a Facebook update is going to have, or what people are going to make of the news. It is also almost impossible to prevent information from being distorted – for better or for worse – as it is passed on from one discussion to another.

What is feasible however, is ensuring that the original message candidates circulate on different networks is positive. The risk of losing valuable potential candidates by mistreating actual candidates is quite a serious one, and the consequences should not be ignored. Monitoring and measuring the candidate experience could help ensure candidates are generating a positive message and view of an employer’s brand.