Working with one of the world’s largest employers: How G4S uses Mystery Applicant to monitor and improve its candidate experience

As one of the world’s largest employers, a FTSE 100 company and with a global reach stretching to all corners of the globe, G4S receives tens of thousands of applications a month. By fully integrating into their Global Careers Centre and ATS providers, Mystery Applicant is working with G4S to ensure it meets the high standards they set in providing an exceptional candidate experience.

Colin Minto, Global Head of Resourcing at G4S highlights the value of integrating a feedback mechanism for candidates to rate all aspects of the recruitment process, “Having invested widely in promoting and delivering on our Employer Value Proposition it is vital that the way we treat candidates reflects those values and also to monitor and understand what we are doing well and where we could be doing better. Mystery Applicant helps us to do this by gathering anonymous feedback from candidates through its survey interface.”

The challenges of asking for feedback from 80,000 plus candidates a month in the UK alone on an ongoing basis would be beyond the scope of traditional research methods, but by fully integrating with Tribepad and G4S’s ATS providers every candidate is asked to rate their overall experience and give feedback on areas they think can be improved. This feeds into a real-time dashboard that can filter the results by business unit, job family and region as well as a broad range of demographics.

Nick Price, from Mystery Applicant describes how this is achieved:

“There are three main areas that contribute to the success of how we work: 1) Integrating with the Global Careers Centre and the ATS means the process of asking for feedback is completely automated so every candidate is asked for an opinion even with hundreds of thousands of applications. 2) Providing a feedback interface that people are familiar with, such as those used in shopping feedback sites that encourages high participation and response rates. 3) A user friendly dashboard provides visibility and current data allows interventions to be enabled and monitored effectively.”

Over time, the data will show trends and benchmarks across divisions and regions as well as enabling comparison with peer group companies.

Colin concludes, “This is a really exciting time for us. The feedback from candidates that Mystery Applicant is monitoring has provided significant and insightful data that has already identified several areas for development to further improve our candidates’ experience.”

Mystery Applicant will be the proud sponsor of a series of seminars led by resourcing expert and futurologist Matt Alder. As guest speaker, Colin will have the opportunity to talk in more details about his experience of planning and implementing a candidate experience-focused resourcing strategy at G4S (for more information on the seminars, you can contact us here).