The ‘Game Changers’ of Recruitment Technology

‘Recruitment will always remain a high-touch people business but what these products show us is that the right technology, applied at the right time, can make us even better at what we do, whether it’s working faster, smarter or in completely new ways.’

In Recruiter magazine’s latest edition we’re named amongst the ‘Game Changers’ of 2012’s recruitment technology start-ups.  Alongside five other companies, selected because they ‘provide recruiters with real solutions that deliver a real business benefit’, Mystery Applicant’s contribution to monitoring and improving the candidate experience was recognised.

The article gives an insight into each company’s product, origins, future and their founders. Mystery Applicant’s founder, Nick Price, explained where the company’s original concept came from and why we believe it’s essential to measure the candidate experience:

“Job applicants are frequently not treated as well as they should be and we can only improve this by measuring where things are going wrong, having real accountability and measuring the impact of change,” he says. “Marketing departments have always had a handle on exactly what consumers are saying about their products and services but HR and recruitment teams haven’t always been able to say the same about their candidates.”

To learn more about Mystery Applicant and the other companies featured as 2012’s Game Changers, check out Recruiter’s ‘The Game Changers’ article here.