HR Technology: Friend or Foe?

Unsurprisingly, over the past few decades almost every aspect of our daily lives has been influenced by technological devices. HR has been no exception and there has been an exponential increase in technology-based solutions in the recruitment and human resources sector.

However, many professionals still seem wary of these trends and of this new step in the 21st century digital era. When it comes to the use of technology in HR opinions are often mixed and certain well-ingrained myths are tough to break:

Assumption #1

HR software tools make everything so much more complicated

HR tools are designed to make their users’ lives and daily tasks easier, not harder. What used to involve lengthy processes and a lot of paperwork in the past has now been simplified to save recruiters and HR teams time and energy. Although IT protocols and software integrations can sound daunting to some, good specialists will talk their clients through each step of the process and often take care of all the technical aspects. Their customer service should be second-to-none and the importance of this integral relationship should never be underestimated.

Assumption #2

HR software solutions are difficult to set up and hard to understand

Photo by Yung Chang on Unsplash

Software developments have advanced dramatically with SAAS solutions. This acronym stands for “Software As A Service”. These tools are hosted on the internet, so companies don’t have to go through or worry about long installation processes or updates. Everything happens over the internet and the tool can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Additionally, with people getting more accustomed to dealing with computer or mobile-based solutions, HR technology is becoming more user-friendly, straightforward and very often self-explanatory.  Moreover training sessions or online tutorials should be included even in the most basic of packages, so companies won’t be left to make sense of the tool on their own. It is important that you take enough time to research various providers, watch product videos and look at customer reviews to find the tool that is most suited to a company’s needs.

Assumption #3

It will be very expensive to get the bespoke options and customization that I need

Applicant Tracking Systems, Client Relationship Management, On-Boarding Tool, Payroll and Employee Management Solutions… The list goes on as, depending on a company’s needs, there are hundreds of different pieces of software to choose from. Finding the right tool can take time and research, but this is necessary to ensure the solution is right for the company and aligned with its business objectives. Nowadays most software solutions are easy to customize and often more affordable than many realise. Consider the ROI of any new technology, it should pay for itself in long-term improvements.

The continuing development of these technologies has allowed for far more efficient processes and targeted strategies to emerge within the sector. Technology is there to not only make a task simpler and less time consuming, but also to enhance accuracy, depth of analysis and overall understanding. However it is important to note that software tools mostly cover technical and practical tasks. In no case should they serve as a replacement for human interactions. Human Resources is, after all, about individuals and it is important to find the right balance between technology and person-to-person communications.