Da Vinci’s advice for new client on-boarding

After all the time spent on building a relationship with a potential client and then getting the contract signed, the next steps of the process should be consistent with the professionalism, efficiency and client-care that have been demonstrated so far. However with the growing pressure to ensure client satisfaction and, ultimately, loyalty, the way to achieve this is not always clear.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, Leonardo Da Vinci once said.

Indeed, successful on-boarding strategies are often the ones that value clarity and simplicity. Clients respond well to an organised and concise approach. This is where companies can benefit from investing in technology: in the current era of computer-based solutions, no one wants to deal with piles of paperwork. Because clients often have many projects to juggle, they appreciate a procedure that flows logically and terminology that is easy to understand. Overwhelming clients with long procedures and technical jargon only slows progress down.

Fortunately enough, HR technology provides appropriate solutions to make sure processes can flow as simply and fast as possible. On-boarding professionals handle several clients at the same time and it’s not uncommon to get confused. Relevant tools have been developed to support this every step of the way: whether it is on-boarding, project management or client relation management, they can keep track of the progress made with every client. Companies willing to make their strategies easier to follow have a large pool of software solutions to chose from, depending on which best suits their needs and size.

In our last blog HR Technology: Friend or Foe? we saw that businesses can be reluctant to integrate with new technology and that this is partly due to the persistence of wide-spread negative assumptions about software tools. Although any decision to integrate with a new tool should be well-thought through, it’s important to remember that nothing is set in stone and that everyone learns from experience. Each new client a company brings on board offers a chance to develop and refine a businesses approach depending on the feedback clients provide. On-boarding strategies can always be amended and customized to a company’s needs and client expectations, and so can most HR tools. Continual improvements eventually help to streamline processes.

New client on-boarding does not have to be a painful procedure and relevant technology exists to help keep everything on track. The key to successful on-boarding strategies is to ensure procedures are clear and efficient, and that impeccable professional service is provided to guarantee absolute client satisfaction.