Candidate Experience selected as key priority for recruiters at Innovation Summit

The Recruiting Innovation Summit, held in San Francisco earlier this month, offered recruiters the chance to learn about and discuss what innovations will be driving the recruitment industry forward over the next twelve months. Throughout the Summit various recruiters and forward-thinking innovators shared their experiences through case studies, presentations, panel discussions and elevator pitches. Attendees were also asked to draw on their expertise during a crowd-sourcing discussion on the second day when they were asked:

Where do you think there is the greatest need for innovation within recruiting?

From a list of forty-eight topics the top two selected were:

          1)      Integrating Technology

          2)      Candidate Experience

Once again the candidate experience is emerging as a key priority for recruiters as they strive for better, more efficient and effective resourcing strategies. Whilst this constant recurring theme reveals that the recruitment industry does appreciate the importance of the candidate experience within the resourcing process, there does seem to be confusion on the most effective way to successfully conduct and continually improve it.

One panel discussion helped shed some light on this highlighting the need for recruitment to embrace marketing’s research-based approach to strategy. By drawing on data evidence derived from candidate feedback, recruiters are able to refine and develop the candidate experience in line with their employer brand and the expectations of their applicants.

This was also the underlying message from our co-founder Mike Cook’s presentation which discussed the importance of measurement and the management of big data to improve candidate experience and drive recruiting excellence. It assessed the fundamental need for recruiters to recognise that they aren’t just part of a process but the architects of an experience – an experience that has far greater potential from both a talent acquisition and marketing perspective if it is approached with a research driven outlook. The successes of such an outlook can be seen in the SlideShare of Mike’s presentation below:

As can be seen in the slides above, measuring candidate feedback is a real contributor to resourcing and business success. The Recruiting Innovation Summit highlighted this alongside emphasising the importance of using in-depth candidate research to help support future strategies.