Candidates are customers too… How do you treat yours?

The candidate experience is the chameleon of the business world – whether you notice it or not, it is influential in every aspect of a company’s performance and growth. To ignore it is to disregard an essential building block in an organisation’s growth.

Recent data shows that 49% of candidates have some relationship with a company prior to applying and 1 in 5 of these will be an existing consumer – emphasising that the candidate experience impacts more than simply the recruiting process.

25% of candidates also state that they have changed their status as a consumer as a result of their experience as a job applicant, with this figure rising to 38% when that experience is poor.

Recruitment teams are engaging with large numbers of consumers as they apply for jobs and as such this can have a significant impact upon customer retention. A poor candidate experience can diminish the consumer brand, reduce sales revenue and decrease positive consumer recommendations, both on and off-line. Conversely, managing the candidate experience well can have a very positive effect in protecting and enhancing the consumer brand, whilst improving the efficiency of the recruitment process.

The following infographic reveals just how important the candidate experience is on a consumer opinion:

Gathering candidate feedback guarantees that you understand the impact your recruitment strategy is having. By measuring and monitoring the candidate experience you are provided with:

1. Clear evidence rather than assumptions.

2. An understanding of how your process impacts the perception each candidate has of the organisation

3. Strengthened and embedded employer and consumer brands.

4. Insight into talent motivation.

5. Validation on good practice and areas highlighted for improvement.

6. Industry benchmarking data throughout.

By gathering these insights in real–time with Mystery Applicant you can react to data insights as they happen.

If you knew what your candidates thought of your recruitment process, what difference would it make to your business?