In Their Shoes

Everyone is a customer at some point so we all know how it feels to be treated very well or very badly. A great experience leads to a strong feel good factor and generally repeat business. Obviously a bad experience is the opposite and if you are making a stand about dissatisfaction then you really want the business to put itself in your shoes. Companies invest heavily in their consumer experience and customer satisfaction is high on the agenda for any business plan, as Oracle recently identified. After all ‘success breeds success’ as the saying goes.

An important factor to understanding the consumer experience is feedback and usually this is best captured just after the purchase, action or event.

So, using the end to end consumer experience model, what are the parallels for the candidate experience? Companies need to use innovative technology and effective analytics to monitor and measure their recruitment and talent management solutions. As a recent Ochre House blog discussed:

“The convergence of consumer and employer brands, business and talent analytics and cloud and mobile has changed the playing field. At the same time, the lens on HR and Talent functions has never been so intense.”

Photo by Štefan Štefančíkon Unsplash

Just as businesses embrace the consumer experience and all that it tells them, so should HR embrace feedback. Companies shouldn’t be frightened of feedback in HR or recruitment as it helps to ensure effective performance, as any good trainer will tell you. Just as Oracle collected and analysed feedback across every aspect of the customer lifecycle, so should HR do the same for the candidate lifecycle. A recent ERE article acknowledged the need for better candidate communication on all sides and, as Mystery Applicant research shows, this is just one element of the candidate experience that is highlighted. The importance of Big Data cannot be overlooked. Remember it’s not easy for candidates to look for another job and every application matters; they’re not doing it for the fun of it.  So when you’re thinking of the candidate experience, think like a customer and do the very best you can for your applicants.