The Candidate Experience: Are Companies Listening?


As a recruiter, understanding your candidate experience is essential. As a company it is vital. Not only will a bad candidate experience make you lose out on the top talent in your field, it will also affect your sales, brand and performance as a whole.

One Mystery Applicant survey found that a mere 19% of candidates surveyed were more likely to buy from or use the services of the company they had most recently applied to. And when you consider that 38% of our surveyed applicants stated they were less likely to buy from or use the company's products or services after their job seeking experience, a worrying pattern emerges. This doesn't just suggest that their candidate experience was sub-standard but also presents a poor reflection of how the company's brand was portrayed.

These statistics demonstrate how little companies are capitalising on their candidate's experience. But do they even realise this? Our survey suggests that some companies may only think they know what's going on.

With the current economic climate escalating the number of job applications companies receive, and the popularity of social media platforms flourishing, company's cannot afford to ignore the candidate opinion.

Check out the infographic above for more on what candidates are thinking and why it's essential to ask...