Measure What Matters

Let our award winning platform automate the process of gathering feedback throughout the recruitment journey. It works in real time and provides you with a wealth of insights that will help you drive best-in-class recruiting.

Candidate & Hiring Manager Experience

Understand their expectations and measure both groups’ experiences throughout the recruiting process.

We turn feedback into powerful insights so you can gain a performance edge.

What's more, with tens of millions of insights gathered to-date,  you can instantly compare your results against the largest source of benchmarking data available.

82% of candidates share their recruitment experience.
38% reduction in candidate drop out rates.

Process Improvements

What’s working and what’s not?

Improve the quality of your hiring process; fine tune every aspect of your approach and achieve outstanding results.

Inclusion & Diversity

How well does your recruitment process live up to your Inclusion and Diversity aspirations?

Our insights will help you understand how you are perceived across the broad spectrum of candidates and highlight areas to focus upon and ensure your I&D strategy is working.

I&D dashboard page
The employer’s reputation is the primary influencer amongst 76% of job applicants.

Branding, Attraction & Direct Sourcing

Understand what your applicants think, identify their preferences and motivations so you can build outstanding branding and attraction strategies.

We’ll help expose the key factors and channels that influence candidates to apply to your roles and how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Recruiter Performance

See how your recruiters are performing, world-wide, in real-time.

Our dashboards make it easy to see how well your recruiters are performing. We’ll help you drive the behaviours that deliver the best experience for candidates and your hiring managers, producing fantastic results.

72% of hiring managers reported improvement in the quality of candidates put forward.*

* Hiring managers surveyed over the past two years by Mystery Applicant

Agency performance

Maximise ROI on your agency spend

The agency dashboard allows you to monitor how your brand is being represented by the agencies you employ, allowing you to deploy your budget with the groups that will give your candidates the best experience and outcomes for your business.


Take advantage of the largest source of market, industry and role specific benchmarking available.

Access millions of records and billions of data points instantly via our SaaS platform. It's incredibly easy to see how your organisation is performing against key competitors and to fathom your winning move.

Benchmarking user interface
42% of customers will stop shopping with you after a poor recruitment experience.

Customer Loyalty / Reputation Management

Are your candidates also your customers?

If so, we’ll help you quantify the commercial impact of the Candidate Experience and support you in transforming your recruitment processes to enhance customer loyalty.

Single sign on (SSO)

Simple and secure access management using your existing SSO platform

We support SSO using the SAML 2.0 standard, allowing for seamless integration with your existing authentication platform.

SSO image

ATS Integration

Automating the process of gathering feedback and unlocking the data tied up in your ATS allows you to exploit Mystery Applicant to the full; take advantage of our expertise in working with a broadest range of platforms.

Enterprise ready

Security, compliance, and integration – Mystery Applicant is built for the most demanding enterprise workloads

In addition to the features above, you have access to:

- Periodic/on-demand reporting
- Dedicated support and account management
- Raw data export for analysis in your BI tools, and more.

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